She looked at me from her mat and said, “If we can do this wheel for 20 seconds, I can handle that test tomorrow, NO PROBLEM!”  We both popped up into wheel and began counting together with the class.  Honestly, I could have held it forever after my daughter looked at me from her mat.  Now, don’t get any romantic notions that she and I practice yoga together regularly or talk for hours on end about the power of yoga. She basically asked me “how much longer?” most of the class.  She is 14.  I’m not sure why, on that day, she agreed to come to yoga with me.  I ask all the time.  My invitation is usually met with an eye roll and a definite “NO”.  This particular night a few things came perfectly clear to me.  Keep trying.  Intentions are powerful stuff, when you set your intention for something greater than yourself, you can move mountains!  You can take what you do on your mat and empower your entire life!

The next morning we sat in the parking lot, my daughter was headed in for a 3+ hour test.  Right on cue,   “I can’t do this!  Lets just go home and reschedule the test.  Please, I can’t do this.”  The panic in her face was real and now typically translates into my own silent panic in my gut and the center of my chest.  There is what we call a “nervous Nellie” gene in our family and I seem to have passed it on to my daughter in full force.  I reassured her, and then remembered what she said to me the night before from her mat.  I looked at her and said, “You held a wheel for 20 seconds!  We never hold it for that long!  This is your wheel!”  No lie, it still required some poking, prodding and a lot of reassurance to get her into the test but she did it.  It was my wheel too.  I could have stayed there all night, for no reason other than it was for her.  She needed to see that we could do this pose that may be out of our comfort zone, breathe through that moment of panic and accomplish something that our first instinct may have been to say no to.

Here is my simple yoga recipe for today.  Try it out next time you step on your mat, open the door to your office, begin cooking the same dinner you have made 1,000 times… you get the picture, it works everywhere.

  • Set your intention.  Decide that you are doing this for something or someone greater than yourself.  We’ve all had those moments of “WOW, I don’t know how I did that!”  It’s because we were doing it for a greater purpose.
  • Keep coming back to that intention.  Stop, breathe, let your mind be quiet and clear, reaffirm that intention.
  • Dream big.  Dreams don’t need to be small, safe or judged.  Reach for it!


Wow… one Friday night hour of power and I am completely reinvigorated in my teaching and practice!  Truth … I did have to take her out for frozen yogurt after yoga.  That was part of the deal.  I agreed as long as she didn’t tell anyone… she did, she told everyone.

Wishing you health, happiness and whatever it takes for a little yoga…maybe even a frozen yogurt!

Love, Carlene