I’ve had this conversation so many times this past week, I figured why not…

What’s your story?  We all walk around with this jumble of stories floating around us… (see Pigpen with the big cloud of dust:) ) pig-pen-lrg

These are stories that, while possibly based out of fact, are nothing but a made up interpretation.  Your stories are the ideas you have about who you are, why you are that way and why certain things happen or don’t happen for you.  If you took the time to write out this story, you could extract very few FACTS!  You really have to be perfectly honest with yourself for this to work.  Each moment, we judge ourselves and others based on that story.  Here’s a little tidbit of mine… I’m not athletic.  I’ve believed that about myself forever.  I tried softball when I was about eight but the tall, lanky girl couldn’t catch the ball.  One day… smack!… right in the face!  “Honey, maybe softball isn’t for you.”  Whammo!… I’m not athletic.  I was eight, got hit in the face with the softball and decided that I would believe for the rest of my life, I am not athletic.  I know what you’re thinking,  the happy, healthy, yogi thinks she’s not athletic?…really??  Well it wasn’t until my beliefs were tested, right there on my mat.  My mat is my mirror.  It’s also a testing ground for all the stories I believe about myself.  My mat is where I learned that I am athletic and a whole lot more.

These stories can layer onto just about any belief we have.  Someone changes plans last-minute and all of a sudden you are back in high school when you didn’t get asked to the party.  A husband or wife makes a comment and you are transported to back to the child that didn’t this he/she was good enough for the love or attention of a parent.  Where are your facts?  Come through the cloud of dust to find that it’s a simple as a change of plans or a poorly thought out comment.  The meaning comes from our story.

Try it out.  You can write your own new story.  All those things you belive about yourself…I’m not athletic, smart, loveable, worthy, as good as, blah, blah, blah.  Choose something different for yourself.  When the stories start brewing, just stop and ask, “Is this true, fact, absolute, or am I making it mean something, writing a little story?”

Wishing you health, happiness and yoga!

Love, Carlene

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