Deep breath before the haircut









Sometimes, you just suck it up and smile.

I began chemotherapy on December 30th. I will have four total treatments spaced three weeks apart. Matt came with me to my first treatment. I was nervous but so well taken care of and surrounded by the bravest people! Chemo came with all the ups and downs that were promised in the beginning. Nothing too bad, I just thought I could use my super yogi power to outsmart all the side effects. I quickly learned that I need to rest and become a more patient patient! I’m working very hard to let go of the dread for the next treatment Tuesday 1/20 and to focus on what the chemo is meant to do… insure my healthy, long future!

The main focus of these two weeks other than getting Chloe and Jack back and forth to school, basketball and practice has been the dreaded hair loss. I decided to take the bull by the horns and cut it before it begins to fall out. I found a company in FL that will take my hair and make what they call a “hair halo”. It is my hair attached to a small cap that I can wear under hats and scarves. I think it will provide just enough security to cover my neck and make me feel a little like normal having to wear a scarf/hat for the next few months. I figure I will either love it or never use it. Cutting my hair was much less traumatic than I expected. Chloe and Jack literally cut the entire thing! My aunt Joanne cleaned it up the next day so, as Jack put it… I didn’t look so crazy!

Cancer was not part of the plan but, Matt leaving Oracle after 15+ years and starting his own business was. On the car ride home from our first appts at DF and MGH my first comment to Matt was that I didn’t want cancer to change our plan! One of the ways we were preparing for this big move was to mentally prepare for the bumps and challenges beginning a new business. This was a big “HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT” moment right off the bat. We know that we can handle both, recovering from cancer and beginning a brand new exciting adventure! It requires a lot of team work and understanding all over the place but I am so happy to say that Matt is working with two amazing partners and has launched RPG ~ Revenue Performance Group! I am over the moon proud and excited to see Matt take on this new roll. All this and he continues to train for the Boston Marathon and his 10th year running to raise money for cancer research at Dana Farber.

Going thru cancer has brought me friendships I may not have had, strengthened friendships and family that I already cherished, taught me lessons and showed me things about myself I may not ever have seen. Thank you for the continued love, support, pep talks, food, rides, texts, calls, waves, cards and everything in between! Now, back to the reality of today… one very unhappy/tired Oregon fan, Chloe studying for midterms, ortho appointments and basketball games! …And hopefully a nap in there somewhere!


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