Welcome to my blog! I am a wife, mother of two teens, yoga teacher and now cancer survivor. We are a busy family of four just trying to fit it all in. I love my family and creating the life that fuels each of us to live it fully!

When I began to practice yoga, I discovered a physical strength, mental perseverance and peace that I had not felt before. It has been a natural progression from student to teacher through sharing my love for yoga and meditation. This love and learning is like a swinging pendulum back and forth, student to teacher and back to student, always.


Throughout my growth as a teacher, I have discovered that sharing my experience is a powerful practice for me. My mind is constantly full of ideas and experiences I want to share. Originally, I thought it was the writing that I was falling in love with. Now, I know that it is the act of sharing my experience that is so powerful. I am sharing a little piece of me here that may have otherwise been kept private or locked inside. When I share myself in this way, I find that others do as well and what is created in connection! There is nothing more powerful than genuine connection.

In 2014, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It has been a journey that I am still very much on. My yoga practice, meditation and faith have played an enormous role in this process. I decided to share what was happening (caringbridge and my blog) initially to keep my friends and family up to date on my progress and also to try to ease their worry. What I found in doing this was that I could take all that emotion rattling around inside and let it free in my own style of honesty and humor. I shared my experience and in doing so, created a connection for others to share right back.  Now, I am on the verge of opening a yoga studio, SOULFIRE POWER YOGA.  SOULFIRE was born out of the need to practice and teach yoga.  Yoga has brought me so much peace, and now along with my yoga studio partner and a bunch of powerful souls, we open our doors and share what we love!

My purpose in my teaching, writing, and life is connection. I hope that what I share here provides you with a little inspiration or thought that you are not alone.  I apprecate the opportunity to make this connection with you here and thank you for taking the time to be here.

Love, Carlene

ps I know I need a new profile pic.  After losing my hair from chemo, I look completely different but I do love to look back on my long curls:)  I miss it!

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