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Camilla Paglia

Weekend interview with Camilla Paglia

I think it is quite possible that “Mozart is not a woman because there is no woman Jack the Ripper”. And I absolutely agree with the damage that postmodernism and its boring theories have done to culture and art. It was certainly my dualistic sexual perspective that enabled me to understand and sympathize with Alfred Hitchcock’s reverent and almost-mystical view of women, which many other feminists have denounced in a reductive way as “misogyny.”…

Break, Blow, Burn: Camilla Paglia reads forty

It demonstrates how much of Western life, art, and thought is driven by a personality, which it traces through repetitive types or personalities such as the female vampire; pitonizĂ«m; handsome boy (Antinous Adriana, Dorian Gray); epic beauty; and a male heroine. Her book will inspire and delight readers all over the world. I agree with Camilla Paglia that many feminists underestimate the power of hormones in human behavior and the creative power of sexual desire. I agree with him that many feminists hold the Russo view of human nature, in which they expect to be able to dress as they please and walk where they want and drink as they wish and never cause harm…

Paglia offers provocative views on literature, art history, psychology and religion. It focuses on, for example, immorality, voyeurism, and pornography in the great arts, which have been ignored or silenced by most critics…

She discusses sex and nature as violent demonic forces and criticizes feminists for being sentimental or desired for the causes of rape, violence, and bad gender relations. She stressed the biological basis of gender differences and sees in the mother an overwhelming force that condemns men to lifelong sexual anxiety, from which they are saved through rationalism and physical achievement. It explores the culture and style of modern gay men..

I agree that women who stay in a relationship with violence are accomplices in violence. I even agree with him about the connection between male fixation and achievement…

Cultural Critic Why Ignoring Biological Differences Between Men and Women Threatens to Undermine Western Civilization


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