You can work with me in the following ways:

-Group Classes
Girls weekend, weekend warrior sports teams, college extracurricular sports, yoga in the classroom, you name it!  Yoga is everywhere and can be practiced this way.  Anyone and any group can have a specially designed program to benefit their specific goals and needs.  Yoga is a great team building activity and a way to bring your group together in a fun and challenging way.  Please contact me to discuss the possibilities of a group class.

-Private Yoga Classes
Private one-on-one yoga sessions are a great way to try yoga for the first time, develop a home practice, learn and practice new poses or to just enjoy the luxury of a customized program designed specifically for you.  Private classes offer an opportunity to tailor classes to the individual based on interests and areas of concern.  Focus areas could be physical, emotional, and/or spiritual.  Yoga truly is for everybody and every body.

-Yoga in the Workplace
Companies large and small are experiencing the advantages of offering yoga to their employees.  They are directly attributing the benefits of a regular yoga practice to improved health, decreased sick-days and lower insurance costs.  Participants can experience a decrease of stress both physically and mentally while their concentration and energy soar at work and home.  This powerful combination of lower stress levels and increased energy lead to greater productivity at work.  On-site yoga classes and customized 4-6 week programs can help with convenience and participation.

-Yoga for Athletes
Training 1:1 or as a team, yoga can take your passion to the next level.  Everyone from Olympic athletes, professional football players, dancers to the local high school soccer team know and have experienced first hand the benefits of adding yoga to their training regimen.  Yoga will improve strength, balance, flexibility and mental control.  Yoga can be used to rehab injuries as well as promote healthy flexibility and joints to avoid injuries.  Customized yoga progams can be designed to fit into your specific training regimen, goals and schedule.

Please contact me to discuss a scheduling any of the above offerings.

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